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by Samantha S.

Shake that Booty- SFU Dance Marathon ’14

Something fan-freaking-tastic for all you movers and shakers out there, the SFU Dance Marathon 2014 is coming up March 1st.

What’s that you might ask?

DM Poster v3

WELL! It’s an event inviting students and the public to join forces for a day (6 hours) of dancing and you’re not only dancing for yourself but you dance to fundraise for the children of the BC Children’s Hospital!

This event is in support of the Children’s Miracle Network and the BC Children’s Hospital!

Plus, if you’re someone who’s picky with their tunes, fret not! At the event, you will find great music from all genres including Top 40s, 90s, Bhangra and more. You also get to meet some of the child patients and families who will be sharing inspirational stories and that’s something to look forward to.

Check out my teams fundraising video below

All proceeds go towards funding new research , educational programs and upgrading care facilities in the hospital.

The details for the event is as follows;

final cover

Location: University Highlands Elementary School, 9388 Tower Road, Burnaby, BC

Date: March 1

Time: 11am to 5 pm

Registration: Register online and create a fundraising page where individuals can donate

Goal:  10, 000 for life saving care and research at the BC Children’s Hospital

It would be so much if you could spare some time to share/like the video, spread the word, JOIN OUR TEAM and/or donate to our fundraising page! Our goal is $1000! No donation is too small.

You can donate to our team following this link!

The Super Awesome Shamalamadingdongs


Images by Jordan Yeo

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